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CARVRE SEVEN boasts a member line up which is made up of the most professional and trusted forwarders in the industry and we have continued to attract the best of the industry by following this one simple approach: Quality first! We know that by adding professional thinking forwarders, who are looking to expand their international business and form long lasting mutually beneficial partnerships, the group becomes and stays active and trust into the Partners and the Network product is always present.

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Following your sign-up as a member you will notice the different approach. Let us inform you about our innovative style to Networking.

CARVRE SEVEN accepts and encourages its Members to utilize GLOPAY
international Trade Center
CARVRE SEVEN is a proud Member of the International Trade Council
CILP/China International Logistics Professional Network and CARVRE SEVEN enjoy mutual cooperation and collaboration for our Members

Our Innovative Network

  • A different approach

    In the Network marketplace today, too many have shown their true colors when it is time for their annaul member conference. This ranges from boring welcome cocktail receptions to just one night of dinner/evening networking and entertainment. With CARVRE SEVEN you will have a networking function every day and evening of the conference. The conference is not the time to keep the cost down for the Network but to provide a platform to its members that encourages networking. In our industry we prefer to do business with people we like, so we aim to provide a network event that makes it as easy as possible for all to connect with their global counterparts. We strongly encourage you to take a look at the summary video of our last conference:  https://vimeo.com/282582499/3b9f18bb72  

  • True Transparency

    Honesty, Loyalty and Transparency go a very long way in the logistics industry. "What goes around, comes around" is a saying that can describe many in our field - the value of reputation can't be measured.
    It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it - Benjamin Franklin.
    At CARVRE SEVEN we take this serious and take every effort to be transparent, fair and honest with our Members. From offering a pass-through hotel rate during our conference to the first Network providing a "LIVE Voting" reception during which our Members vote for the TOP Member Awards with visibility to the voting - shall we say TRUE Top Forwarder Awards?!

  • Member Support

    CARVRE SEVEN offers not only a financial protection plan (Revenue Management Protection/RPM Fund) but provides a platform for Members to settle disputes among themselves. If a dispute can't be settled, our Members can call upon our C7 Ambassadors for their guidance and objective opinion to the matter at hand. Unlike other networks, we decided to have the C7 Arbitrators be public and not hidden to the outside, leaving a shadow over the neutrality of the decision. Our C7 Ambassadors have offered their valuable time and experience to work these arbitration cases. In case of a direct country-competing arbitration, such Ambassador will be excused for the case. No hidden arbitration or agenda, just transparent handling of the situation. Transparent to not just the network, but to the Members as well!

  • Conference Management

    At CARVRE SEVEN we place serious emphasis on providing our Members with the best conference experience. As an attendee of our conferences you will not have to worry all the little things; we provide a smooth platform that allows you to focus on what you came for: your business relationships with the other Members. CARVRE SEVEN’s proprietary 'Conference Management Platform' has a registration process and Scheduler setup that allows its Members customization based on their personal conference goals. Not all Members want to handle their conference the same way. At CARVRE SEVEN we provide you with the tools to maximize your conference success. Focus is on the Member and not on what is easiest for the Network Management!


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